About Us

Jack Allweil

I’m a mathlete, huge soccer fan, and, most importantly for this podcast, an avid reader. I’m on a journey to find the intersection of my actuarial background and love for sports, personal finance, and reading.  My favorite books around personal finance and overall decision making so far have been “Early Retirement Extreme”, by Jacob Lund Fisker, and “Thinking in Bets”, by Annie Duke.  While sad the book that really got me reading is “I Was Doctor Mengele’s Assistant”, by Miklós Nyiszli.  I also post on fired-to-fire.com and betisround.com.  I’ve written one book so far; It’s called Make Better Bets.  It’s about an excel model I made to help place bets on the 2018 World Cup and the lessons learned from that experience.  



Alex Allweil

I’m currently pursuing my PhD in organic chemistry, but when I’m not in lab, I love playing sports, mainly soccer, and all paddle/racquet sports, mainly tennis, ping pong and pickle ball. I love reading, historically high adventure fantasy and sci fiction, but I have recently transferred over into the much more applicable non-fiction genre, mainly about the economy and investing. The books that have had the largest impact on my life are The Richest Man in Babylon, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is my goal to be able to retire off of passive income investments in the next 15 years.



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